A message from John Brewin - hero

A message from John Brewin

I would like to welcome you to Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and hope that you enjoy your time with us, whether that is part of a rotational scheme, passing through, or the start of a long and fruitful career with the Trust. We aspire to be a fantastic place to work, appreciating that health and social care settings can be challenging environments, and at the same time provide some of the most rewarding jobs around. 

One of our key priorities is to enable our colleagues to do a great job because we know that happy colleagues means happy patients, service users, families, and carers. We will therefore aim to provide the following:

  • Clarity about your job role including clearly defined objectives
  • Feedback on progress including a "Value added" appraisal
  • Access to support and development opportunities to progress your career aspirations
  • Recognition of achievements both personal and as a member of your team
  • A culture that supports and encourages speaking up and involvement in innovation and service improvements

Whilst I appreciate there is much to do and we don't have all of this cracked, our recent work across the organisation on our refreshed culture and values has set some firm foundations on which to build. The values of our Trust: Honesty; Compassion; Respect; Teamwork; and Trust are at the heart of what we are about, and I am really excited about our collective potential to be a great organisation. Made just that bit better by your arrival and all that you bring. 

I wish you all the best.


John Brewin