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Flexible and bank roles

Within Nottinghamshire Healthcare, our bank workforce provide cover to a variety of teams both clinical and non-clinical, in order to ensure that our services are fully staffed and operating to the best that they can be. They are an essential part of the Trust workforce, providing short notice cover for absences, picking up additional shifts during busy periods and more. 

As a bank worker, you gain the opportunity to work in locations and at hours that suit you, fulfilling a variety of short and longer term roles dependent on preference and on service needs. This makes it an excellent opportunity for those who may not want to commit to a permanent contract. 

Bank work gives staff the chance to gain experience in a variety of different areas of work and is a great chance to develop your skills in different kinds of specialist teams. As well as competitive pay rates, benefits for bank workers include: 

  • Access to the NHS pension scheme.
  • An NHS badge entitling you to many discounts and benefits.
  • A full induction and mandatory training package.

We recruit to our Trust bank staff regularly for both clinical and administrative roles - for more information or to register your interest, please contact:



Flexible working patterns

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is committed to being a flexible employer and recognises that flexible working arrangements supports the retention of staff, supports staff to manage caring responsibilities and work-life balance, and supports enhanced employee engagement and wellbeing.

We offer:

  • Flexible working requests including part time working, flexi working with contracted hours with varying start and finish times.
  • Job Share options with two employees sharing the duties and responsibilities of a full time position.
  • Term time working
  • Annualised hours
  • Compressed hours for example working total hours over fewer days e.g. 9 day fortnight.
  • Shift working patterns including shift swapping to negotiate and rearranged shifts with colleagues with managerial agreement to maintain continuality of service.

The Trust believes that improving the working lives of staff by supporting the requirement for flexibility in the amount, timing, or location of their work, will increase job satisfaction, motivation and wellbeing, which, in turn, supports the delivery of high quality patient care and experience. Modern day life and technology/digital advancements are reshaping the way we do our jobs. Flexible working is no longer just family, children or carer focused; it is there to accommodate all elements of our employee’s personal lives. For some employees, at various points in their working lives, flexible working becomes of much greater importance and value and we recognise that greater age and life diversity in our workforce requires us to be adaptable to flexible working arrangements.

We also understand that for many staff at some point in their working life will be responsible for caring for a family member and we want to support the needs of staff with caring responsibilities. Being flexible with working arrangements for carers is one way to provide support by enabling the balance between work and caring responsibilities. We aim to ensure that the needs of individual staff who require support and understanding



Delivering a positive placement - Adapting and working flexibly in challenging times