Candidate journey - navigating the application form - hero

Navigating the application form

When you click the Apply now button on one of our job adverts, you will be directed to the job advert page. You will then need to sign in.

After signing in, you will be asked to complete the pre-application questions such as immigration status and any pre-application questions we have set.

You must then view and accept the privacy notice before you click continue. 

The application form will automaticalyl save as a draft, clearly indicated by the draft status indicator. From here, you will have the option to populate the application form using two options:

  • Using a recent application - this option will appear if you have at least one previously submitted application form. If you have a large number of submitted applications, only the 20 most recent applications will be available to re-use. 
  • Blank form - this option will appear for you to submit your application form using a blank application form as opposed to using a recent application form. This might be particularly useful if you have applied before and been unsuccessful, so you can start afresh or if it is your first time applying for a job. 

Application forms are completed section-by-section, question-by-question. Sections that have not been populated by a previous application form or online CV have the status Not Started.

When you click the Start section button status displayed on a section, this will then update to In Progress and reveal the application form questions.

Each question will have a Not started status (with a yellow background) to indicate the question(s) that need to be answered. You will then be able to click the Open button to complete each question. 

Clicking the Open button will open the question in edit view. 

After completing the question, you will have the following options:

  • Cancel - this option will close the question and will revert any changes made, i.e., any data input will be lost
  • Save - this option will save your answers and you will be returned to the application form
  • Save and next - this option will save your answers and open the next question in edit view

If a section and subsequent questions have been populated by the CV profile or a previous application, it will display the In progress status:

  • Questions populated by Online CV have the status Filled from Online CV (with a yellow background)
  • Questions populated by a previous application form have the status Filled from past application (with a yellow background) 
  • Questions not populated will have the status Not started (with a yellow background)

You must review all questions within a section before you can mark it as complete, even if the question is not mandatory. This is achieved by clicking the Start button on each question.

If a section has been pre-filled from the Online CV or previous application form, you will be required to review the answers, even the personal statement. 

If you try to mark a section as complete without reviewing each question, a warning message will be triggered:

  • Questions that have been reviewed and are incomplete will have the status Incomplete (with a red background)
  • Questions that have been reviewed and are complete will have the status OK (with a green background)
  • Questions can be edited using the Edit button after they have been answered, should you wish to make corrections. 

Once a section has had all the questions reviewed and answered, each question will have the status OK: Show answers or OK: No answers. You will be promoted to mark the section as complete. 

All sections must be reviewed and marked as Complete in order to submit an application form. 

If you try to submit an application before marking all sections as complete, a warning message will be displayed.

To submit the application, you will need to click the Submit application button. A warning modal is triggered asking you if you want to review your application or submit. 

Once an application has been submitted, the status of the application will move from Draft to Submitted.