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Pre-employment checks

When you are offered a job with the NHS we ask for a number of different employment checks to confirm your identity, right to work in the UK, and confirm that you have lived and worked in the UK in the past three years. 

Below are the general employment checks that we ask for you and further information to support you. 

If you need to speak to a member of the Recruitment team regarding any of these employment checks, then please let us know at your earliest opportunity to avoid any delays in processing your offer. 

Identification Verification and Right to Work

All new starters within the NHS require an Identification Verification and Right to Work check in line with the NHS Employers Employment Check Standards

When you have received your conditional offer of employment letter, please click on the link on the letter to book your ID check. You will be presented with either a face-to-face option or Microsoft Teams option. 

If you have selected a Microsoft Teams ID check, you must send over the documents you will present to us prior to the check taking place. We will send you the Microsoft Teams meeting link to you on the morning of the ID check. 

If you have a face-to-face appointment, then you just need to bring along the documents you will present to us. 

In general, you will be required to present us with either two forms of photograhic documents and one proof of address, or alternatively one form of photographic document and two proof of address documents. Click here to find an interactive list containing the full list of acceptable documentation

The only time you are exempt from an ID check is if you are already working for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the DBS we have on file for you is satisfactory for the new post you have been offered. 

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Your post may require a DBS certifiate. If your post does, you will need to click on the link on your offer letter to complete your DBS appliation form. You may also complete your DBS application form by logging onto your Trac account and completing it that way. 

Once we have received a satisfactory identification and verification and right to work check, your DBS form will then be automatically processed and sent to the DBS. 

The Trac system enables us to keep updated with the stages of the DBS, and once it is back this will be confirmed on your electronic file. If the DBS is clear, will not need to provide us with a copy of your DBS certificate. However, if your DBS contains information, you will need to show the certificate to a member of the Recruitment team so that it can be cleared with Human Resources and the hiring manager. 


As an NHS employer we are required to obtain relevant references from various sources. Click here to view the full guide

If you are new to the NHS, we will require references covering three years prior to your offer being made. This could either be from employment, volunteering roles, or even academic studies. Please ensure that when you complete your application form you put in the details of all the people that can provide us with references to cover your past three years.

If you are joining the Trust from another NHS Trust then we will ust request a refrence from your most recent NHS employer. 

For candidates already working for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust we will request an internal reference from the HR Department. 

Occupational Health

You will be asked to complete an occupational health pre-placement questionnaire which you can access via the candidate account area on Trac. Once you have done this, your details will be sent to the occupational health department. The recruitment team will receive real-time status updates from occupational health as this check progresses. In some circumstances you might be asked to have an appointment to discuss your health further, but in other circumstances you might be cleared without this conversation taking place. 

Declaration form

You will be sent a Model Declaration Form with your offer letter. Please ensure that you complete this form and return it by responding to the email address that your offer letter came from - this means it will automatically upload to your file. 

If you are unable to electronically sign it, just print your name and we will use your email response as your signature. 

Other checks

Depending on the post you have been offered there might be other employment checks to undertake which will be detailed on your offer letter. For example, if you are applying for one of our positions in a prison, you will be required to undergo prison vetting in addition to our employment checks.