Your start date

Once all checks have been completed, you will be sent an unconditional offer to sign, with the contact details of your new manager to arrange a mutually convenient start date. The email you receive will look to similar to the example below.

Unconditional offer

You will need to return all of the payroll forms fully completed to enable the team to process you on the Employee Record and Payroll systems. Please note that the team have a payroll cut off date for each month. To be paid for that month all information needs to be returned fully completed with a start date confirmed by your new manager to be inputted for that month. In December due to bank holidays the payroll cut off date is earlier.

The recruitment team need to be aware of your start date so please return all forms to recruitment and your manager will need to confirm your start date before commencing employment. It is important that you do not commence employment until you have received confirmation from the recruitment team that your paperwork has been processed. This will be via email to confirm your start date and the date of your Induction.