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Candidate Journey

If you are thinking of applying for a role with Nottinghamshire Healthcare or have already applied, there are a number of stages that you will need to go through as part of the recruitment process. 

This page highlights the key stages and elements that you will go through on your Candidate Journey. 

In this section:

Chevron  Your Application

Chevron  Interview process

Chevron  Pre-employment checks

Chevron  Unconditional offer

Chevron  Induction and mandatory training

Your application

Application form

You can find all vacancies and opportunities with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust by visiting the Current Vacancies page. We often advertise on other websites and in journals or publications too.

Once you have found a vacancy click the 'Apply now' button to be taken to Trac - the Trust's recruitment system. If you do not find a vacancy which interests you, then you can register to Trac to receive email job alerts as and when a job which you are looking for arises.

Your application is the first stage of the recruitment process. The information you provide here should demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience for the role. This information will help us decide whether to progress your application to shortlisting and interview. Therefore, it is important to take your time and complete your application form in as much detail as possible.

Check out the Application Tips section below for hints and tips for making a successful application.

Application tips

Read the job description and person specification 
The job description and person specification will be used to shortlist for the position you are applying for, applicants who most closely match the person specification will be the ones who are shortlisted for interview.

Make it compelling 
Tailor your application to the role you are applying for. We'll assess your application against the person specification, which includes our Trust values and behaviours.

Stand out 
Explain why you’d be suitable for this role and how your career to date supports your application for this role.

Make it clear 
Tell us about your skills and abilities relating to this role, paying close attention to the job advert and person specification. Provide clear examples.

Complete all parts of the form 
Read the instructions carefully and make sure that you complete all the sections of the application form.

Never submit the same application twice 
Although NHS Jobs lets you save information you have previously submitted you should always adapt your application to show how you meet the person specification of the particular post you are applying for.

Provide relevant supporting information 
The supporting information section id your opportunity to provide additional information to support your application. Use this section to demonstrate why you would be suitable for the post and should be invited for interview.

Attention to detail 
Check your application thoroughly before submitting to ensure there are no mistakes and you haven't missed anything out.

After you’ve applied

Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed against the job description and person specification to ensure that your skills, knowledge and experience match those that we’re looking for.

If your application form is successful, you'll be invited to interview. If you're not shortlisted, you'll be sent an email confirming this outcome, with details of the recruiting manager, who can be contacted to provide feedback.

We always communicate through the Trac email system, so you might receive emails in your junk inbox. On occasion, you might also receive a text message from the team.

Interview process

Job Interview

If you're successful in our shortlisting stage, you'll be invited to interview, via an email from Trac.

Your interview invite email will include a link for you to book at a suitable time. Please keep an eye on your e-mails as you will receive instructions here on how to book, and this is confirmation that you will be attending the interview. 

An interview reminder will be sent to you a day before your interview date.

As part of the interview process the Appointing Manager will be required to check your:

  • Identity and proof of address
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Qualifications
  • Current salary/ pay scale

The checklist “Documents Required at Interview” will be sent to you as part of your invitation to attend an interview and this will provide you with information as to what documentation you can provide to support this process.

We use a variety of selection methods to help us choose the right person for the role. Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be required to undertake other forms of assessment as part of the selection process, such as presentations or a written exercise.

Interview tips

Prepare for the interview 
It may sound obvious but thorough preparation will ensure you are ready for the interview: 

Review your application, the job role and person specification and research the organisation before the interview. This will help give you an idea of the type of questions the interview panel may ask. 

Prepare your own questions 
You'll be given the opportunity to ask questions at the interview. Asking questions shows you have taken adequate time to prepare and that you're serious about the interview. 

They’re also really important for you when considering whether the role and organisation are a good fit for you. 

Getting to your interview 
Plan your journey and arrive in plenty of time. Have a plan B route in case of delays 

If you are going to be late, then notify the appropriate person as soon as possible. 

During the interview 
There are a number of things you can do during the interview to increase your chance of success. 

  • Dress appropriately, your outfit choice should be appropriate for the role you are applying for but also comfortable. Your appearance alone will not get you a job, but if you turn up scruffy for an interview, the panel's first impression is likely to be that you do not care about getting the job. Make sure you are clean and presentable, even if on a video call. 
  • Make eye contact to engage with the panel, smile, take a deep breath and stay calm. 
  • Be clear and concise when answering the questions, and give examples from your own experience that relate to the question. 
  • Remember, the most important part of an interview is to sell yourself, and to show why you are right for the job. But try to show the 'real you' if you can. Whether you get the job will be as much down to your personality and enthusiasm as it will to your skills and experience, and the answers you give. 

After the Interview

You should be contacted within a few days of your interview to notify you of the outcome.

If you were unsuccessful, you’ll be sent an email confirming the outcome with details of the recruiting manager, so you can get in touch with them should you require feedback.

If you’re successful at interview, you will receive a conditional offer of employment. The conditional offer letter will confirm the details of your new role and will outline the next steps in the recruitment process, including the process for pre-employment checks (See below for information on pre-employment checks).

It is important you read through this letter because it will describe the next steps you will need to take before you can start your new role.

You’ll need to take some actions, including:

  • Review and confirm the offer details (e.g salary, working hours, work location etc…)
  • Formally accept your offer via your personal account on Trac
  • Book you ID appointment
  • Ensure you have the required documents ready for the ID appointment. Click Here for List of Accepted Documentation (
  • Complete and return all forms you have been sent – Please read instructions within the offer email for how to complete forms and where to return it to. 
  • Complete DBS Application via online link 

You will receive automatic email chasers to prompt you to complete these steps as soon as possible, to enable you to begin your new role.

Your conditional employment offer is subject to NHS Employment Checks Standards.

Pre-employment checks

passport ID

When you are offered a job with the Nottinghamshire Healthcare, we will undertake a number of pre-employment checks to verify that an individual meets the preconditions of the role they are applying for. We have a responsibility to ensure our patients and staff are safe in our care, and these checks adhere to the NHS Employment Check Standards, that outline the type of checks that must be carried out before recruiting staff into NHS positions.

Identity check

When you have received your conditional offer of employment letter, you will be required to book an ID check.

All new starters within the NHS require an Identification Verification and Right to Work check in line with the NHS Employers Employment Check Standards.

In general, you will be required to present us with either two forms of photographic documents and one proof of address, or alternatively one form of photographic document and two proof of address documents. 

Click Here for List of Accepted Documentation (

Make sure you bring originals of all of the required documentation with you to your ID appointment.

The only time you are exempt from an ID check is if you are already working for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the DBS we have on file for you is satisfactory for the new post you have been offered. 

Right to work

We verify your passport to ensure you have permission to work in the UK. We'll ask to see your original documents and verify that all documents are valid. We'll check your right-to-work in line with Home Office regulations.

DBS Check

A DBS check enables us to view data about a person's criminal history. We complete checks in the UK and other countries. The data that we receive is assessed to ensure a fair, safe and effective decision is made regarding employment. The level of DBS we carried out will be dependent on the role, and in some cases a DBS check may not be required.

Once you identification and verification and right to work has been confirmed, you will need to click on the link on your offer letter to complete your DBS application form online. 

If the DBS is clear, will not need to provide us with a copy of your DBS certificate. However, if your DBS contains information, you will need to show the certificate to a member of the Recruitment team so that it can be cleared with Human Resources and the hiring manager.

There is no cost for the applicant for a DBS check.

Professional regulations and qualifications check

If your role requires a professional registration or a specific qualification (this will be stipulated in the original Job Description), we will undertake checks with the relevant regulatory body and ask you to provide evidence, such as original qualification certificates.

Only qualifications that form part of the requirements for the position being applied for will need to be verified.

Employment history and reference checks

If you are new to the NHS, we will require references covering three years prior to your offer being made. This could either be from employment, volunteering roles, or academic studies.

Please ensure that when you complete your application form you put in the details of all the people that can provide us with references to cover your past three years.

If you are joining the Trust from another NHS Trust, then we will only request a reference from your most recent NHS employer.

For candidates already working for Nottinghamshire Healthcare, we will request an internal reference.

Work Health Assessment

The primary purpose of a work health assessment is to help prevent work-related illnesses and injuries. The assessment will support us to verify if someone is capable and fit to undertake a particular role.

They’re also really important in helping us as an employer identify and consider early on, any health condition or disability that may require reasonable adjustments putting in place to ensure our staff can safely carry out the duties they have been engaged to carry out.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare have a duty of care to their employees to ensure that they, and their workplaces, are safe and healthy in line with health and safety obligations and equality law.

You will be asked to complete an occupational health pre-placement questionnaire, which will be sent to our occupational health department.

In some circumstances you might be asked to have an appointment to discuss your health further, but in other circumstances you might be cleared without this conversation taking place.

The extent of any health assessment will be dependent on the requirements and risks associated with any given role.

Additional checks

Depending on the post you have been offered there might be other employment checks to undertake which will be detailed on your offer letter. For example, if you are applying for one of our positions in a prison, you will be required to undergo prison vetting in addition to our employment checks.

Unconditional offer

Offer of employment

Once all of your employment checks have been completed, verified and cleared, you will receive an unconditional offer of employment. At this stage, you can now agree a start date with your new line manager.

You will be sent your contract of employment prior to your start date and its really important that you review this. Once you have read your contract you must then accept your contract via Trac. 

Please also make sure that all of the documents you received in your unconditional offer email have been completed and returned. Without these documents we will be unable to input you on our payroll system, which will delay things such as your IT access and being paid on time. 

Induction and mandatory training

new job

Once we have received all paperwork and contract from you, and a start date has been confirmed, we will book you onto our Induction and Mandatory Training Programmes.

All staff are required to attend a Trust Induction, and complete mandatory training modules. The content and length of your induction will depend on your role.

You will receive all details of your induction, including the schedule and location via email. Please ensure you check your emails including your junk folder for this.

Part of your induction will also include the completion of mandatory E-Learning modules.

If you do not receive this email, then please contact the Learning & Development team on 0115 671 4610.