Our Preceptorship programme offers you the structured support needed to transition your knowledge into everyday practice successfully. It will provide you with a lifelong journey of reflection and the ability to self-identify continuing professional development needs. A positive preceptorship experience is reported to result in newly registered nurses, nursing associates and allied health professionals having increased confidence and sense of belonging, feeling valued by their employer. Preceptorship is for registered professionals joining a new part of the NMC register, people returning to practise after re-joining the register and those coming to work in the UK from within or outside the EEA/EU.

The main aim of our preceptorship programme is to welcome and integrate you as a newly registered professional into your new team and place of work, as you begin your lifelong journey as an accountable, independent, knowledgeable and skilled practitioner.

 Preceptorship will help as you translate your knowledge into everyday practice, grow in confidence and understand how to apply your professional code in your day to day work.

Professionals engaged on preceptorship programmes are referred to as ‘preceptees.’ Those who support preceptees are referred to as ‘preceptors’ and the period of preceptorship is called the ‘preceptorship programme’.