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Our colleague stories

Connor Bailey

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Connor Bailey talks about the day-to-day tasks in his role as a Arts Psychotherapies Assistant and what he loves most about the role.

Ben Stafford

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Ben Stafford shares his typical day as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Rampton Hospital. 

Kathryn Baines

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Listen to Kathryn Baines as she shares her typical day as an Assistant Practitioner. 


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Rebecca initially trained in Devon and then moved to Nottinghamshire for her first community nursing role.

Anthony Smalley

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Anthony started his community nursing career in Mansfield in March 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Simbi Sibanda

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Simbi is the Trust's Freedom to Speak up Guardian and joined the organisation in November 2020.

Natasha Bowen

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Natasha has worked in the Trust for almost 2 years and is currently working within the Staff health and Wellbeing Service.

Jen Guiver

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Jen has worked in the NHS for all of her career and joined the Trust as Deputy Director of People and Culture in early part of 2020.

Stacey Johnson

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From placement to a career, Stacey who works within Adult Mental Health talks about her professional development during her time at Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

Jane Bestwick

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Jane joined the Trust in 1993. She has had a varied career over the years and is currently Team Leader at Rampton Hospital.

Our placement Journey

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Lyndsay Beck, Catherine Pickance and Heather Smith discuss the offering of placements during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Holly Garnett

I have been a Trainee Workforce Advisor for around two years now. I am thoroughly enjoying this rotational role and feel my learning and experience has been the upmost priority. My first placement was in the Organisational Effectiveness team where I got involved in a number of Trust Wide projects and was able to develop my confidence and skills in public speaking. This placement also enabled me to widen my knowledge of the Trust and meet people I wouldn’t have ordinarily crossed paths with. My current placement is within the Business Operations Team where I am learning a number of HR policies and processes and putting these into practice every day through my own caseload. I have been involved in shaping my training plans each time I have rotated which gives me the opportunity to share what I want to get out of the placement as well. The support I have received in professional supervision has been invaluable to me and allowed time for reflection and further learning about People and Culture Services, as well as my personal development as an HR Practitioner.

Lauren Bingley

Lauren Bingley Career JourneyI previously completed a 7-week placement with the Mansfield Integrated Care team based at Bull Farm, working alongside the community staff nurses and other members of the team. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome, improving my self-confidence, and for supporting me with my nursing degree.

For any student that is apprehensive about doing a community placement for fear that all it will be is ‘cups of tea’ and ‘you’ll be deskilled’ I can whole heartedly say that I have been able to demonstrate more skills during this placement than on any ward. Every day is different in the community and the way in which the nurses step up to every challenge they face is inspiring. The rapport that is built with service users, families and carers is so rewarding and being able to deliver this care in their own homes is an honour.

Along with working with the staff nurses there are plenty of opportunities to have insight visits with specialist nurses from respiratory to diabetic specialist, all of which gave me a better understanding of caring for service users with long term conditions.

The thought of lone working may deem a community nurses role undesirable, but you are never truly on your own. The team constantly rally around each other to support fellow co workers and to provide safe and effective care. The teamwork that is demonstrated at Mansfield is one of the primary reasons I would love to get a job there once I am a qualified nurse. It would be a privilege to work alongside such a brilliant team who consistently promote the well being of all the service user they care so greatly for.


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