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Offender Health

The Offender Health Directorate is one of the largest and most successful providers of prison healthcare in the UK. The Directorate provides physical, mental health and substance misuse healthcare services in prisons across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
The Directorate provides healthcare to the following prisons:

  • HMP Nottingham
  • HMP Lowdham Grange
  • HMP Ranby
  • HMP North Sea Camp
  • HMP Morton Hall
  • HMP Lincoln
  • HMP Leicester
  • HMP Gartree
  • HMP Fosse Way

The population is over 10,000. You would be part of a large peer group of 400+ healthcare professionals with access to peer support, supervision and excellent opportunities for learning and development.

We also offer services within the Personality Disorder Pathway, including Therapeutic Communities (within prisons), Community and Prison Personality Disorder services and specialist Veteran Services.

We are committed to working in partnership with prison services, national probation service other healthcare providers and our criminal justice system partners to improve health, support justice to reduce re-offending behaviour. The Offender Health Team truly believes it can make a difference to the lives of offenders by offering consistent, high-quality care in primary, mental health and substance misuse services that are equivalent to health services delivered outside of Prison.

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Offender Health careers - HMP Fosse Way team

Hear from our healthcare colleagues working at HMP Fosse Way. HMP Fosse Way is a brand-new category C resettlement prison based in Leicester, which opened in 2023. It has a capacity of 1,930 male inmates and is operated by Serco.

Offender Health Neurodiversity Pathway

  • In September 2020 we launched the neurodiversity pathway.
  • We have one Neurodiversity Practitioner in every prison.
  • The Neurodiversity Practitioner Pathway focuses on ensuring that we identify people with neurodiverse needs as early as possible. This starts at Reception screening.
  • We offer screening, assessment, treatment, and support for people with intellectual/learning disability, ADHD, and autism.
  • We offer a service that is equitable to the care a person would receive in the community and we ensure continuity of care in and out of prison.
  • Our ADHD pathway offers medical and psychosocial treatment options in line with community specialist services and NICE compliant.
  • We aim to offer support for the person across the prison system to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to care and support.

Offender Health Physical Healthcare

  • We provide a wide range of physical healthcare services in the East Midlands.
  • Physical Healthcare Teams provide comprehensive healthcare to our patients including management and treatment for various Long-Term Conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, COPD and Asthma.
  • Our teams provide NHS Health checks and annual screening, Triage, Emergency care and response, and wound care.
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion includes services dedicated, but not limited to, sexual health, DBS testing, immunisations, smoking cessation and weight management
  • Our aim is to provide people in prison with the same quality of healthcare as they would receive in the community, whilst working in partnership with the prison, other healthcare providers and the criminal justice system to deliver care and treatment to people with health needs whilst promoting healthy lifestyles for all.
  • The integrated healthcare team are all trained to recognise and support neurodiverse people and adjust care to meet individual needs.

Offender Health Mental Health

  • Our integrated Mental Health teams provide patients with advice and support that is tailored to their individual needs.
  • We have strong focus on ongoing recovery, and we take pride in being able to help patients help themselves in their recover journey.
  • We offer talking therapies for common mental health problems in prison environments such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.
  • We actively involve our patients by encouraging them to become peer support workers and listeners in many of our sites.

Offender Health Pharmacy

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust provide pharmacy services for offender health across Nottinghamshire, Leicester, and Lincolnshire. We are comprised of a wide range of pharmacy professionals including pharmacists, technicians, and assistants - working on different aspects of medicines management including procurement, clinical screening, and administration.

Offender Health Substance Misuse

  • We currently provide substance misuse services at six sites: HMPs Ranby, Lowdham Grange, Nottingham, Leicester, Gartree, and Morton Hall.
  • We provide individual and groupwork psychosocial and psychological interventions that are trauma-sensitive and compassion-focussed and based on the needs of the patients following a collaborative assessment and formulation.
  • We work closely with our colleagues in Mental Health given the strong links between substance misuse and mental health difficulties.
  • Medication therapies can be provided as an adjunct, if appropriate, within an overall recovery care plan.
  • Service user involvement is integral to the therapeutic programme.

Offender Health Therapeutic Team

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust provides Therapy service for Offender Health across Leicestershire. Please see below more information on what the TC Plus team do:

Designed for prisoners with:

  • A Learning Disability or borderline IQ
  • Personality Disorder traits
  • Conviction for violence

Veteran Care Through Custody Team

Veterans represent the highest occupational group within UK prisons (Phillips 2014) estimated population between 4 -6 % however the overall number is believed to be higher.

VCTC became operational 2017 - it is a partnership between Nottinghamshire Offender Healthcare and the veteran's charity Care after Combat.

Key components:

  • Training to Healthcare and prison staff – Understanding links between military service and offending behavior
  • Full healthcare assessment, facilitation of expedited access to healthcare as per the Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Access to clinicians and Care after Combat staff and mentors with Armed Forces experience for advice, assessment, support, treatment, referral
  • Access to regular Veteran’s Forums –peer support, network, psychoeducation
  • Through the gate mentorship for one year post release



360°service from the point of contact with the CJS to one year post release.

A partnership between Nottinghamshire Offender Healthcare and two veteran community charities Project Nova and Care After Combat – involves all aspects of the VCTC service

The aims of Regroup are to:

  • Support the development of multi-agency working within the Criminal Justice System
  • Make support more accessible and less confusing
  • Increase mental wellbeing for military veterans and their families as well as reduce reoffending rates

Offender Health Personality Disorder

Jointly commissioned between the NHS and HMPPS to manage and support high risk individuals in the criminal justice system where problematic personality difficulties are linked to their offending.

A range of services aiming to support psychologically informed pathways and treatment for males and females working with probation and prison colleagues:

  • Options for Change (Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire County Wide) - core consultation and formulation service assisting probation to identify individuals with problematic personality difficulties and plan psychologically informed pathways. In addition to identification, consultation, and formulation the teams also provide specialist training and time-limited joint work.
  • Options for Change + (Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire County Wide) - IIRMS (Intensive Intervention Risk Management Service) delivering therapy interventions and socially creative interventions to support individuals being released from prison
  • ACORN – Specialist Schema Informed Outreach Therapy service at HMP Whatton
  • SOLAR – PERS (Pathways Enhanced Resettlement) Service at HMP North Sea Camp supporting individuals manage the transfer to open conditions via a keywork model delivered with prison colleagues
  • OMiC (Offender Management in Custody) - core consultation and formulation service at HMP Lowdham Grange replicating the Options for Change community services.


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