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Community Health

Our Division

Care closer to home is becoming integral to the future of the NHS and the Community Health Services (CHS) Division of NottsHC are at the forefront of this exciting journey. Working with our system partners in creating collaborative ways to improve physical health care services, activities and interventions in local communities, which meet the needs of our patients in the places they call home.

The division operates under three Units of Management providing an extensive portfolio of children’s, adults and specialist services, covering a vast geographical area. We offer various clinical and non-clinical roles, working within supportive teams that encourage us all to work to the best of our abilities to provide the highest quality care.

Being part of an organisation as diverse as NottsHC provides you with great career development opportunities, to be innovative and gives you permission to grow both professionally and personally and really make a difference.

Our Services

Our integrated teams of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals deliver care to people who present with significant physical health care needs in various settings including clinic based, community inpatient, hospices to care in the patient’s own home, including care homes, enabling them to be independent, self-caring and live their optimum lives, reducing hospital admissions.

Services range from community nursing, including specialist practitioners, to public health and health promotion such as school nursing and health visiting, with many specialist community services designed to support care pathways such as Physiotherapy, OT, Speech and Language, Dietetics and Podiatry.

Supporting the efficient running of these services are administrative and managerial roles. All roles, at all levels, are vital in transforming community health services, ensuring high quality care is provided both now and into the future based around the needs of our patients - together we all make a difference.


Lings Bar Hospital

An in-patient unit comprising of three wards:

  • Castle Ward
  • Forest Ward
  • John Proctor Ward

Providing rehabilitation, recovery services and ongoing assessment to older adults after a stay in hospital. This service offers 72 sub-acute beds with 24 beds dedicated to patients with a diagnosis of dementia or acute delirium.

This multidisciplinary service, including a variety of medical, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and administrative roles focuses on the patients’ personalised goals and exercises to improve mobility and self-care; promoting patient independence so they can return to the place they call home.

Video: A day in the life

Hear from our community district nurse Nikki Tatt talking about her experiences during the pandemic of working in the community services.