International Day of Women and Girls in Science

We have many scientists across the Trust, many of whom people don't necessarily think of as scientists. In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, members of the environment team got together to share their experience as women in science and agents of change. Harriett Tyler, Cara Turton-Chambers and Lynn Walker discuss science, progress and opportunity for women considering or working in science careers. 

Harriett has recently joined the Trust and already been involved in sustainability projects including the Green Plan. Harriett says "We currently have an opportunity for an apprentice within the environment team, which is a great first career step for someone that might be considering a science career". 

Find out more about the apprenticeship vacancy available within the team


Cara encourages us to find our inner scientist. 


Lynn recalls that earlier in her career she was often the only woman working in a male dominated environment, and is encouraged to see women getting more heavily involved stating, 'I would strongly encourage anyone interested to get involved.'


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You can also see the full series of short videos here



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