Podiatry workforce


We provide the podiatry service across Nottinghamshire county, at various venues including health centres, community hospitals, nursing and residential care homes, patients’ own homes, prisons and acute hospital sites.

The team is made up of podiatrists (including specialist and advanced podiatrists, team leads and clinical leads), podiatry assistants and administrative support.

The department provides the assessment, diagnosis, and management of:

  • High risk foot problems (including Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Peripheral Arterial Disease)
  • Problematic nail conditions (including nail surgery)
  • Painful/debilitating MSK lower limb complaints (including orthotic devices, US guided cortisone injections, physical therapies)

We also work closely with 3 acute hospital trusts providing podiatry services as part of the diabetes Multi-Disciplinary Foot Team.

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Podiatric Surgery

The podiatric surgery team provide elective day case foot surgery in specialised community based operating theatres working under local anaesthetic.  The team consists of podiatric surgeons (consultant surgeons and specialist registrars), surgical trainees, podiatrists, theatre support workers, operating department practitioner, and administrative support.

The podiatric surgery team specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, and surgical management of complex foot disorders, including Hallux Valgus, Hallux limitus / rigidus, hammer toe deformity, neuroma.

We also work collaboratively with acute hospital trusts to provide podiatric surgery services as part of the diabetes Multi-Disciplinary Foot Team.

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Career stories

Tony Maher, Podiatric Surgeon


Tony started out exploring Sociology, but realised he wanted a career where he helped directly improve the quality of life of others. Podiatry stood out to him as it is a profession where you practise autonomously (to a degree) and are responsible for a complete package of care from diagnosis to discharge. Once qualified, Tony was inspired to complete the further training to become a Podiatric Surgeon.


Preceptee experience

In his first degree to become a podiatrist, Tony trained with a broad range of people, some straight from school, and others who were looking for a change of career.  The route to becoming a Podiatric Surgeon was challenging and certainly had a few ‘bumps’ along the way, starting his Fellowship in 2004, he got his first Consultant Podiatric Surgeon post in 2011 with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.  Lots of sacrifices were necessary including balancing working full time, studying and finances.



As a profession, podiatrists have different routes they can specialise in, including surgery, diabetes, Musculo-skeletal and paediatrics. Podiatric surgeons have demonstrated excellent outcomes and cost effectiveness in providing safe day case foot surgery. Podiatrists and podiatric surgeons have led the way to show that AHPs can take on roles and responsibilities traditionally considered those of our medically trained colleagues.



Podiatrists have really shown the range of their skills and flexibility during Coronavirus redeployment, locally working alongside District Nursing teams to manage lower limb wounds.  Nationally podiatrists have been redeployed to other surgical specialities, hospital wards and intensive care.